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Who Invented Homework And Why Should I Complete It

Most students wish that homeworks did not exist. They wish that school work could end in class to provide time for fun activities like sports, movies or adventure with friends, among other more interesting engagements. However, assignments have to be there. But why can’t teacher eliminate this nuisance yet they dreaded it when they were in school? The answer lies in looking at the origin and importance of assignments.

Genesis of Assignments

The practice of giving children work to complete at home started centuries ago. Since children were required to assist parents with chores at home, they did not find enough contact hours with teachers. Teachers resulted to giving them work to finish at home in order to cover large parts of the curriculum. However, the situation has changed yet teachers continue to issue science homework among other subjects. This is because of the benefit to the pupil, teacher and entire education sector. Here are some of those benefits.

Assignments should be taken seriously because they enhance your performance in school. They also enable your teacher to evaluate his or her delivery and therefore improve on teaching. Their benefits also include family members who have a chance to participate in your academic journey.

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