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The facts and statistics on why modern students are given more homework

The awareness of this subject matter was raised in 2014 by Stanford University. Reasons were given by students on why they felt overloaded with too many assignments. Denis Pope (an education scholar) has this to say about homework: “Students in high-achieving social groups who spend too much time on homework face regular stressful situations, problems with physical/mental, life imbalance, and issues with communication.”

Experts believe that spending more than 2 hrs on assignments at home in a day will be at the detriment of the health of students. We shall be considering the analysis of the factors that are involved. Enjoy.

How much is too much?

Students’ belief there are two categories of parents; on the one hand, some of the parents that are not supportive of their wards in doing their homework believe the workload is too much and will not permit their wards to partake in other chores in the home. On the flip side, parents that are supportive of their child do not believe in too much homework. They believe that their wards can seek online help if the homework is too much for them to handle. We shall shortly provide the answer to the question based on the opinion of the students, teachers, and parents on both sides of the divide.

How much assignment is ok?

It was discovered that in this technological era, ordinary house chores assisted by modern learning tools can effectively take the place of homework. Schools that shorten the summer break because of their belief that students forget much during the break are not helping matters in any way. Some schools assign more homework during the break- they only end up stressing the student.

The research results gotten through ten high schools in California communities with the best academic performance are an eye-opener. With 4137 students and their parents that participated in the survey, results show that the students spend an average of 3.1 hrs on their assignment every day which is not healthy for their overall health and wellbeing. This is not the time for targeting the highest grades in school; rather it is a time to consider the health of the child as the number one factor.

What is the way out of excessive homework?

In the immortal words of Benjamin Franklin, an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. In as much as everybody agrees with him, it does not mean the entire life should be devoted to learning to the detriment of one’s health. It is recommended that an elastic limit of two hours on homework per night is adequate if the health of the child is to be given the adequate consideration needed to get the best results. There should be time enough to see the world because several activities are waiting to be explored.

Final Take

When you exceed two hours on your homework in a day, you are taking more than you can chew. You can seek help from online sources if you are hard-pressed instead of facing the issue headlong. Be sure to visit RankMyService first, this is a website that will help you avoid frauds and poor quality service providers. With Rank My Service you will be able to choose the best homework assistants available online.

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