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Should teachers stop giving homework to students? 

Should teachers stop giving homework to students? It is the question that disturbs a lot of students. According to research, students receive more assignments from teachers than they can manage to handle in a night (each homework takes about 2 hours to complete). The article will enlighten us on why giving homework to students should be stopped, or if homework is to be given to students, it should take a minimum of at least 30 minutes in a day. Here are the reasons as to why homework should not be given to students.;

Why homework should not be given to students

The reasons as to why giving homework to students do not pressurize colleges and schools to neglect the homework assignments.

Adverse effects on tests

Should colleges or schools stop giving homework to students for the students to acquire outstanding grades? The answer here is yes. It is because as the kids in school focus on doing homework, they take a chance of not passing their examinations. It is so complicated as it appears, lengthy assignments are distractions, just like video games, mobile phones, television, home duties, friends, etc.

Break time at home

Having two hours of homework is like just punishment after sitting for about eight hours in the classroom, assisting parents, going outside, setting aside a specific time for friends, taking part in hobby clubs, and watching television. It makes kids not to have the feeling of being in class but just being kids. Teachers should give kids enough free time. 

Danger to the nerves of the kids

Why do you think homework should not be given to kids because of the well-being of the child's mental health? Teachers neglect the disadvantageous effect of homework on the child's brain and the general mental health level. 

No support to students

Another significant reason why homework should not be given to kids is that many teachers fail to elucidate all that is needed to solve problems during class time. It is hard for parents to assist the kids in solving tasks. The students' friends can't help them solve tasks because they don't have any experience and also have other things to do. However, kids always can pay to do my homework and order other professional services online. These companies seem to be the only ones that can provide kids with help to solve tasks.

How students understand things

Should teachers stop giving homework to students in schools? Another important reason for us to agree and say yes to that question is that some students understand things in a different and better way. While some students understand what they have learned in class by watching a video related to the topic, they have learned that others understand classwork by re-reading what they have learned.

Extra challenges

Students who have other business schedules like internships, part-time work besides homework find it so hard to catch up with doing homework later in the evening because they are burned out and don't have the energy to do the homework.


If the time taken to do homework can be reduced to about 30 minutes, it would be helpful to kids because the kids would feel less stressed. And a less stressed kid is likely to perform better in their studies. Such adverse effect could not only affect their education but also may extend to their general well being and their social interaction with other people.

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