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Why Should We Abolish Homework?

Homework topics are causing mayhem in the debate arena. Many continue to make valid points that would easily make you side with either side. Let’s pause for a minute and think this through. The most contentious subject always revolves around banning homework assignments in our schools.

Why are these people so bitter with homework? Didn’t they have their share in school during their time? What has gone so wrong that we should consider banning homework?

I know that you’ve had a variation of these questions too.

Taking a deep look at this, many homework haters are dominated by students. This makes you wonder where this hatred comes from. Well, many of them prefer using their homework time for other pleasurable events such as clubbing, or movie nights. Are these worth the time?

Over the years, homework has proven to be more helpful than detrimental with many benefiting from its practice throughout the globe. One of its core advantages is the opportunity that it creates for parents, teachers, and students to have a mutual environment and collaborate towards educational advancement.

Should we dump this essential practice in the history compost pit? Below we have discussed some of the main outstanding reasons why we shouldn’t abolish homework in our educational systems.

The out-of-class environment is beneficial

Classrooms often create an institutionalized monotony. This also comes with unhealthy and unnecessary competitions and a bunch of distractions. Working from home provides students with a study friendly environment that supports self-independence in setting their priorities and problem-solving strategies.

Homework promotes teacher-student interactions

To make homework assignments productive and effective, teachers always strive to provide students with timely feedback. This back and forth communication cultures a positive relationship between teachers and students.

Homework nurtures presentation skills

Assignments usually end with some sort of presentation. In the spirit of getting good grades, students often take their time making impressive presentations. While at it, they get to grow and become more creative in nurturing this essential skill.

Students learn self-responsibility from homework

By tackling homework assignments regularly, students get to culture a sense of responsibility and punctuality that might come in handy in their careers in the future. This helps to out-do negative practices such as procrastination that often leads to frustration.

Homework as a second chance for improvement

Normally, homework assignments aimed at assessing students’ comprehension levels. It gives them a chance to practice on their own. This way, students get a second chance of learning from their mistakes in preparation for their exams.

Homework time is time spent well

Students tend to misuse their free time. They tend to engage in unconstructive behaviors such as drug abuse, alcoholism, and criminal practices. Homework ensures that this time is used well in developing a set of essential skill such as time management that will be beneficial throughout their lives

Overall, homework has a way to many benefits than demerits. For this reason, these assignments might as well be here to stay. For quick, reliable, and professional online homework help, contact

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